Try Not To Say Wow Challenge (Impossible)
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  • Wonder wolf 101
    Wonder wolf 101

    She say wow

  • Brad Fader
    Brad Fader

    No mom

  • Stephan Eyer
    Stephan Eyer


  • Rebecca Bae
    Rebecca Bae


  • UAH curiositylab
    UAH curiositylab

    U said it!

  • karin karin Dingwall
    karin karin Dingwall

    You said wow

  • Life With Asante
    Life With Asante

    Can you get the wolf tatto

  • Ali Hamed
    Ali Hamed

    it’s so cool How do they do that and I Love you And your videos 😍😍😍

  • Jona Mae Yu
    Jona Mae Yu

    video: try not to say wow lia:Wow wow wow

  • Hypex TORNADO
    Hypex TORNADO

    the day u uploaded this it was my bday

  • Glitch Boi
    Glitch Boi

    My new favourite quote “It aint brand new unless you can peel it”

  • # Zika- Chan #
    # Zika- Chan #


  • Sreem Alrahseed
    Sreem Alrahseed

    She said wooow same as wow 🤦‍♂️

  • Ammar Danish
    Ammar Danish

    It's not water it's an oil

  • Dfuse Rage
    Dfuse Rage

    The japanese jiggle cheese cake

  • chazgaming

    Dnf! Dnf! Dnf! Dnf!

  • chazgaming


  • chazgaming

    I dont like sssniper wolf

  • chazgaming


  • chazgaming


  • chazgaming

    Sssniperwold your disgusting

  • Elle Sophie
    Elle Sophie

    Hhaha the egg video the person used thr spoon i have the cow spoon to crack the egg

  • Vic Vic
    Vic Vic

    Hi sniper wolf it is currently at the night time and I am only seven but I love all your videos my sister also loves your videos to she is only five and I am seven but we still love all your videos because I love your videos and I always is the only video that I watches your videos

  • Vic Vic
    Vic Vic

    I love all your videos I love you sniper wolf I wish I could send you some a package but I can’t because I don’t know how I am only seven years old

  • *       Desteny        *
    * Desteny *

    the crayons one was Relly satesfying and u said Wow🤩

  • Stacy Amber Adlawan
    Stacy Amber Adlawan

    Are you serious 😂

  • Stacy Amber Adlawan
    Stacy Amber Adlawan

    Nice 👍😎

  • Stacy Amber Adlawan
    Stacy Amber Adlawan


  • shivan abbas
    shivan abbas


  • Rondra Teague
    Rondra Teague

    The mountain did his bitten :3

  • Sajad Ruhani
    Sajad Ruhani

    I found out that she said wow at cran Squashed check it

  • Jim Jibreel Channel
    Jim Jibreel Channel

    1:40 First time doing russian accent lia?

  • Kasjah Yarbrough
    Kasjah Yarbrough


  • Kasjah Yarbrough
    Kasjah Yarbrough

    The beach with the white sand looks like it would me in heaven

  • Piper Gary
    Piper Gary

    THAT WAS A LIFE!!! lia dont even try to let yourself pass on that one! 😂 3:18

  • Kari Sochor
    Kari Sochor

    Beep beep I'm sheep said beep beep I'm a sheep Beep I'm a sheep🎽🎽🎽🎽🎽🎽🎽

  • Erica Louise
    Erica Louise


  • Guin Averi Seki
    Guin Averi Seki


  • hannah_copper

    OoooOOo fOrdBidEn wAfFleS -Lia 2021

  • Ron Fry
    Ron Fry

    Only OGS remeber yEsSy

  • LYC Plays
    LYC Plays

    3:19 WOAH

  • Flamableman777 Flamableman777
    Flamableman777 Flamableman777

    Lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nada Medhat
    Nada Medhat

    U look so cute in this hair style I'm a girl no worries

  • Capital Loans
    Capital Loans

    it's not the octopus's home, he live there. :'(

    • Capital Loans
      Capital Loans

      it's his house*

  • Stacy Parker-Brown
    Stacy Parker-Brown

    I am sick so I can’t really how aoooooo

  • Rimsha Tahir
    Rimsha Tahir

    she said wow wen the rocks fell

  • berkingvery

    Subscribe you

  • Angelica Sauder
    Angelica Sauder

    You said woah ;-;

  • Ashlynn Beare
    Ashlynn Beare

    1:06 she said wooow

    • Ashlynn Beare
      Ashlynn Beare

      i mean 1:04

  • Lindsey Fernandes
    Lindsey Fernandes

    I feel like when they say don't say wow yo want to say wow so badddddddddddddddddddddd

  • Jessie Winkler
    Jessie Winkler

    3 wows gg :)

  • Joyce & Rana Khalil
    Joyce & Rana Khalil

    wowww its really incrideble

  • Dalilah Kirkum
    Dalilah Kirkum

    my inner Karen: yeah where's the dish I think I ordered food not a show my head:of course you get this in a FaNCy food place my words: thank you ma'am...

  • Ree Wiley
    Ree Wiley


  • Ree Wiley
    Ree Wiley


  • Jiya Verma
    Jiya Verma

    I didn't say wow. Literally it wasn't even that good

  • Bede Walker
    Bede Walker

    “Is this what the crew mate sees when they get voted off” is my new catch phrase

  • Insane Gamer327
    Insane Gamer327

    When Lia said “it’s the ugly kind of pink”. Every Tomboy watching this video: EVERY KIND OF PINK IS UGLY

  • Lebonye Kesolofetse
    Lebonye Kesolofetse

    I love you’re her

  • Black_bunny…rabz

    Me: *gasp* oh cool it awesome!

  • Angela Hamlin
    Angela Hamlin


  • Elizabeth Powell
    Elizabeth Powell

    you said wow

  • Ashlie Burgess
    Ashlie Burgess

    Sssniperwolf what did you look like as a kid?

  • Tia Watson
    Tia Watson

    Can i be like ssniperwolf?

  • · C l o u d y ·
    · C l o u d y ·

    The fact my mom gets this uploaded on her birthday. *On my birthday, the upload was "Dumbest People on The Internet."*

  • Zara Wright
    Zara Wright

    A tattoo removal does take alot of sessions and you need ALOT of pain removal cream because it hurts so much

  • Taylor Wyatt
    Taylor Wyatt


  • Kashif Khan
    Kashif Khan

    01:55 that was creepy

  • Alexis George
    Alexis George

    I love your videos so much

  • Alexis George
    Alexis George

    Ss sniper wolf have you ever done like try not to laugh because I would think it would be really cool if you tried to

  • Alexis George
    Alexis George


  • Alexis George
    Alexis George

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim my mom made this Photo for my screen

  • Amanda Kwaaiman
    Amanda Kwaaiman

    It's my birthday today 15 May

  • Dawn Nichols
    Dawn Nichols

    She said wOw but didn't say she did

  • Fras Sh
    Fras Sh

    You did say wow i saw that you sus

  • Kenzie Chung
    Kenzie Chung

    When she saw the crayons get crushed she said wow

  • Hogwarts is my Home
    Hogwarts is my Home

    Me at this film:😐

  • Makeup Styles
    Makeup Styles

    Sssniper wolf can u plz react to kakegurui anime plz 🥺

  • Suzanne Socha
    Suzanne Socha

    She said wow

  • Mallory Koesterer
    Mallory Koesterer

    That is so sadisfiin

  • Rocco Lacey
    Rocco Lacey


  • Rocco Lacey
    Rocco Lacey

    He was suffocate

  • Rocco Lacey
    Rocco Lacey


  • ElectricVisionNF electric
    ElectricVisionNF electric

    Bug; 9pok;oh;o

  • Marie Pine
    Marie Pine

    It’s impossible to not say wow

  • John Collier
    John Collier


  • Georgia Riddle
    Georgia Riddle

    Sorry I talk a lot I am just very excited I haven’t left a comment in a while and I went straight to you when I wanted to leave a comment because you’re my favorite

  • Georgia Riddle
    Georgia Riddle

    I would like it if you reacted to Melanie Martinez my favorite singer

  • Georgia Riddle
    Georgia Riddle

    You said wow but Next challenge if you say wow you have to make slime with digital next😁

  • LDbananaGurl

    She said wow so many times,I’m never disappointed by lea

  • Virginia Santos
    Virginia Santos

    No wows only aws

  • slender peek plays
    slender peek plays

    Soooooo satisfiying!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Turtle 2 Sea
    Turtle 2 Sea

    3:19 YOU SAID WOW! 4:32 there was something black swimming in the water, on the right

  • Elvar Þór Breiðfjörð Unnþórs.
    Elvar Þór Breiðfjörð Unnþórs.

    I live in Iceland 🇮🇸 so butiful

  • Liliana DeCastro
    Liliana DeCastro


  • Claire Carpenter
    Claire Carpenter

    Meh first mega time using dis 👁👅👁and dis 👁👄👁

  • Palms

    3:19 she said WOOOW

  • Mar14 Koz14
    Mar14 Koz14


  • لولو تحب روبلوكس_ LOLO LOVES ROBLOX
    لولو تحب روبلوكس_ LOLO LOVES ROBLOX

    2:29 that watermelon looks like a buttcheek

  • John Emmanuel Acquiat
    John Emmanuel Acquiat