People Who Didn't Get What They Expected
People Who Didn't Get What They Expected! Just some funny photos showing people not getting what they expected! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last vid Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack
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  • Cooking Parker
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    The confused year fourthly reproduce because slipper regrettably doubt pace a waggish whorl. immense, whispering pickle

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    Never gets old - Hello friends, It's me and today....

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    I like and subscribe to your change your videos are amazing yay this video is amazing i loved when the granny said it wish out loud it was so funny i left so much ha ha ha ha ha😃😃😃

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    Lila honey my mom buys goats for fun

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    What if spider man was at the top of your roof

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    Hey lia you lookin pretty with the t-shirt girl

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    In the ice vid I thought the man was backing up

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    Liam Sotherton

    Mustard enough strength i dont think she noticed lol

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    Eva Signy Berger

    You can do some stand-up like like you’re free to come like cats they feel like pants to you they have have no feelings I know it’s because I’m in a wheelchair and also I wish it was true because then I would walk and I would sure everyone and much faster then and I will drive them down

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    At 3:13 I find that funny bc the middle child in my family is most likely the favorite-

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    heyyyy lia the gamer girllll ssniperwolff

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    And that’s what we call the Trojan KitKat

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    Her hair is so good tho

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    the person who made that cake should be on nailed it...... their a natural!!!!!!..?

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    1:59 I thought the same thing when I got my iPhone 🤣

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    Weird Fnaf and Danganronpa girl

    *the only thing I love in life is hearing hello friends from SSSniperwolf*

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    When your name is Emily and you are the middle child ✋🥺

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    Video: this is a Miny pig Me: awww so cute Video: SIKE Me:AHH WTF NICKY MINAJ IS THAT YOU?!

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    Yes it's that easy

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    john lamberson

    The guy that tried to give him a hand sanitizer actually looks like an anime character LOL

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    So i am a huge FAN i have merch I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS SSSNIPERWOLF account i am a girl but on my step dads account/computer

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    That spider is huge if There was a Spider in my home I’ll call 911

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    💖I made you

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    I ordered a shirt it looks soooooooo cute!

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    "i wish i was dead" BROO IM DEAD LAUGHING RN-

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    0:12 SSSniperWolf:Ohh My face:Ahh

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    Chewe Kapfo

    The guy holding the sanitizer was actually pretty cute =°= 3:25

    • Taytay

      YEAH TRUEE if the bodyguard from the mall in my city that cute imma take the whole bottle of sanitizer

  • Elle

    im not hating on anybody, but i feel that the second tik tok was just a set up, not the real thing

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    Eva Pulido

    I love goats 🐐🐐🐐🐐❤️❤️❤️

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    I know she is so nice😄

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    her hair tho.✨

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    I can't put to much sanitizer because it stings so I always carry my own little bottle

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    I asked the same birthday wish every year never told anyone it did not come ture

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    I’m a middle child🥺

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    Remember when you were on Dhar Mann

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    When the got the gender wrong I was like hmmm my name is Nicco

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    That’s wyhat I gotta say for the first one

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    The ice just yeet of the window

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    Can confirm: you can't just stand up out of ur wheelchair (well depending on ur condition I guess..)

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    Oh god

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    Love your Metallica shirt .-.

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    “Bro what is this?-“ lol rude customers


    My dad god a giant hershey bar and it was real. not mini

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    Lol grandma you in your 40s

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    I just want to say thank you for making videos

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    A SIZE 40 KNEE 😂

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    Stella Mare Mika

    The baby was just probably trans

    • Stella Mare Mika
      Stella Mare Mika

      Like transgirl

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    Lucian Louanne Catucod

    Bro what is this i answered a drink

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    "You know, sometimes you wish for a unicorn, and you get a goat." -Gru

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    I love you sssniper wolf you’re so amazing

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    I build a snowman with my dad we ran through the snowman I was gone in the snow😅😅

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    The goat was really cute

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    I get it the reson she said her "wish" is so that she would never die

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    parker howe

    what's wrong with the man he looks fine he looks worse as a kid lol

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    I think the one with the handsanitizer guy, the point was that she touched his hand instand of taking the hand sanitizer🤣🤣🤣

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    i can look up and iam a kid and i look up as a kid

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    It's like the ice is the broken window

  • Superior renovations Quotes
    Superior renovations Quotes

    " Hello Guys It's Me! " Never Ends It Never Gets Old

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    Why are we still here... just to suffer

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    The goat is soooo cutee!!!!

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    The pens that is the same coler My frinde buy them

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    لا والله

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    Lia do u like metallica?

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    Anyone else feel like da dood with the mask when ya did not take da stuff he do be hwat tho-😚

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    Instead of Nico You used my name Nicole

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    Nobody needs the mr beast burger. I think i should call it the mr beast junkl

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    i don't know why people are hating, don'tlaughhysterically

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    The grandma said I wish I was dead I was like 😳

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    0:13 Imagine what the neighbors felt when they heard the falling of the ice shit

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    Bruh you just said those nails look like bacon but I'm eating bacon

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    Yukki and LovelySheep

    0:13 0-o Did his neighbour’s window get oofed-

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    It can’t only be me who thinks her hair looks fab!

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    For the plage mask you are suppose to put flowers

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    Grandma:I wish I was dead

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    Dont believe in giant candy!!!!!!!!!!

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    I know I’ve been to Hersheypark and me and my mom thought we were gonna get a gigantic Kitcat NOPE

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    That grandma maybe used reverse phycolagy

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