Amazing Cakes That Look Like Everyday Objects
Amazing Cakes That Look Like Everyday Objects! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and comment what your favorite cake is! Watch the last vid Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! Check out the people who make the cakes:
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  • Sparkle princess
    Sparkle princess

    I Love 🍰 so so so so Much

  • ShanPlayz

    i do

  • ShanPlayz


  • Samantha Rivas
    Samantha Rivas

    This has forever destroyed my trust lol

  • Sayan Jasu
    Sayan Jasu

    Wow this has to be a co-incidence, but today I am watching it for the first time and SSSniperWolf's talking about eating turtles, and we literally had turtle flesh for dinner(don't worry, the legal kind). It was so dang, I couldn't even breath around it and just ended up with a bowl of stew.

  • James Miguel Daet
    James Miguel Daet

    Yea one thing that aint maded out of cake and its a full human not just the head i met the full body

  • XxLucid • DreamsxX
    XxLucid • DreamsxX

    lia: if you do not pour in the milk after the cereal then u r a confirmed psychopath me: . . . . . . .so i guess im a confirmed psychopath i pour the milk before the cereal because the milk gets the cereal soggy i absolutely *H A T E* soggy cereal

  • TiaPlaysUni -Roblox
    TiaPlaysUni -Roblox

    I am having cake right now it was little sisters birthday a couple days ago ✨ and there was left over cake 🌟😋

  • Infinity videos
    Infinity videos

    When she said I know someone out there has thought about eating a turtle I thought about the time my brother made soup for Christmas everyone loved it until he told them it was turtle soup.

  • Joe Marsala
    Joe Marsala


  • Nat & Gigi
    Nat & Gigi

    You want to know what hasn’t been made into a cake? ME🙁

  • wildsumo97

    Walkers Is English

  • •Ëxötïc•

    Yes i can tell u what Me

  • Salty Horse
    Salty Horse

    I love CAKE!!

  • Chivani Ramdaw
    Chivani Ramdaw

    0:45 domestos is south african windex

  • Queen Elsa Lover's
    Queen Elsa Lover's

    I am not made into cake 😎😎

  • Julia Plesca
    Julia Plesca

    Walkers are some chips from England... they are literally so much tastier that lays! Mhhhm

  • Bek Seymour
    Bek Seymour

    This looks so rill

  • sarah movie reviewer
    sarah movie reviewer

    Part three please thanks

  • Diesel Solution
    Diesel Solution


  • Seema Ahmadzai
    Seema Ahmadzai

    In My zoom class we were painting stary night and mine was awful lol

  • Itz sunflower plays シ
    Itz sunflower plays シ

    I know

  • Gacha•Cherri•_•

    1:41 yes yes there is actually ✨me✨

  • TisMeAgain

    People eat turtle soup

  • Patrick

    𝒀𝒆𝒂 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒊 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒊𝒕 𝒘𝒉𝒆𝒏 𝒔𝒉𝒆 𝒄𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒔 𝒖𝒔 𝒇𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒏𝒅𝒔😊😊

  • Justin Herrera
    Justin Herrera


  • sarah movie reviewer
    sarah movie reviewer

    0:34 it,s a London brand

  • Amelia Hall
    Amelia Hall

    I have never been a cake lol

  • armando rosa
    armando rosa

    Btw it’s not a watermelon it’s a watermolon

  • Holly Gerrard
    Holly Gerrard

    Walkers are British crisps! (Crisps means chips)

  • Jake Lucherini
    Jake Lucherini

    There probably not a trump cake

  • Aris Terakedis
    Aris Terakedis

    A human size cake.

  • Maalik Waritay
    Maalik Waritay


  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    These are making me hungry

  • Ramakrishnan S
    Ramakrishnan S

    A knife hasnt been made as a cake

  • Ramakrishnan S
    Ramakrishnan S

    A knife

  • Dananjaya Mudalige
    Dananjaya Mudalige


  • sunsetbeachbay


  • 「Wee多」

    Air, no one has made an air cake lol

  • Ashley Clarence
    Ashley Clarence

    Sniper wolf very great video

  • CamVR

    I haven’t been a cake

  • Hannah Corfield
    Hannah Corfield

    Us british call them walkers witch is your version of lays

  • Lubanzi Mbhele
    Lubanzi Mbhele

    Did you just call Domestos off brenda windex 🤬🤬😡🤬😡🤬😠😡😡🤬😠😡

  • Lazzy Gacha
    Lazzy Gacha

    Wolf:I mean what has never been made into a cake Me:umm your subs and you

  • uday kumar reddy
    uday kumar reddy


  • Pearl Somera
    Pearl Somera

    Wow may good it's good hahaha

  • Haqqani Aisha
    Haqqani Aisha

    "We are not just telling stories, we are changing lives "DONE

  • Boys Banda
    Boys Banda

    I mean buns boi

  • Boys Banda
    Boys Banda

    Hubs boo bubabou

  • ANISA Selia
    ANISA Selia


  • Sandra Doucet
    Sandra Doucet


  • Gauri Prajapati
    Gauri Prajapati

    Done 👍👍❤️

  • Jojo Wong
    Jojo Wong

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate that converse shoe? God that was so real

  • Gachatube 003
    Gachatube 003

    done hi sssniperwolf i'm a big fan

  • Namandeep Singh
    Namandeep Singh


  • cookie bean
    cookie bean


  • Eric Gary
    Eric Gary

    yes ur not a cake...............

  • Adam Polys
    Adam Polys

    So the world is cake let me cheeck

    • Adam Polys
      Adam Polys

      Nope still tastes like dirt

  • Lety Perez
    Lety Perez


  • Moonlight Saver luna
    Moonlight Saver luna


  • Jesse Manalang
    Jesse Manalang

    Done "dhar mann apple laptop giveaway"

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr


  • Chioma Edosa
    Chioma Edosa

    So satisfying

  • Chioma Edosa
    Chioma Edosa

    The cakes look's like actual things

  • PNW Girl
    PNW Girl

    Sorry this is a random comment but your my favorite LV-homer

  • Amanda Dotson
    Amanda Dotson


  • Amanda Dotson
    Amanda Dotson


  • 2M 07 CHENG Tin Yau
    2M 07 CHENG Tin Yau

    . . . The sun haven’t been turned into a cake..

  • Cheetah Master16
    Cheetah Master16

    A phone

  • C 360
    C 360

    My private part has not been turned into cake

  • ꧁ItsMoon Demon꧂シ
    ꧁ItsMoon Demon꧂シ

    Sniperwolf: what has not been made into a cake? Me: Me existing in the anime world.

  • Fox Forest
    Fox Forest

    Hate to break it to yall but theirs turtle soup😭 one reply is one hope for turtle

  • Kima Whitehawk Jordan
    Kima Whitehawk Jordan

    5.29 i love everything being cakes, but why you gotta do me like this with my steak! At least its red velvet

  • Spreading Joy
    Spreading Joy

    A butt

  • Thao Tran
    Thao Tran


  • SouL

    Sssniperwolf hasn't been turned into a cake yet 😉

  • Boysngirls Club
    Boysngirls Club

    I Love it

  • Sofia Alvarez
    Sofia Alvarez

    I need to eat all of this!!!!!

  • Fox Plays Games
    Fox Plays Games

    Brooooo my friend Thomas told me today at school that he stabbed a turtle and me being the VSCO girl I am I had a fit and cried my heart out

  • Rylee Randall
    Rylee Randall

    Walkers are lays in the uk I saw that on til Tok

  • Rylee Randall
    Rylee Randall


  • temermis

    On the broclie I think they took the top of the Brocken and and carefully but it on the cake


    LV-home woman what's your name

  • Julia S
    Julia S

    5:30 Ah yes, my favorite meat alternative :D


    Lia: Ohh, a turtle Later Lia: ohh, a cake Me: a turtle cake😛

  • Rajesh R
    Rajesh R


  • Sansthita Dutta
    Sansthita Dutta

    Sniper wolf i havent Been mad3 into cake or have i

  • TheOddGem

    Me: I have a friend p Bully: Ya who? Me: Sssniperwolf

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller

    Do you like me

  • lava

    If I dont get a hello friends then I hate everyone

  • Blue and Boo YT
    Blue and Boo YT

    Someone who hasnt been made as a cake is ME

  • Chané Le Roux
    Chané Le Roux

    Paper 😅😅😅👌👌

  • Denise Hose
    Denise Hose

    Let’s appreciate she always say’s “Hello friend’s it’s me!”

  • Cøsmic Girl
    Cøsmic Girl

    Is it me or is it that your hair colour changed through the years?

  • Lakshmikanth Yada
    Lakshmikanth Yada

    Nice 👍👍👍

  • Alex wolfie
    Alex wolfie

    Hi lia can i pls show my kitty to u

  • Buzz kill Dason
    Buzz kill Dason

    I have never seen a bench cake.🤔

  • Kate Moody
    Kate Moody

    “Take a slice and it’s actually ground beef” words of wisdom by sssniperwolf aka lia

  • Skeleton-girl-12

    This is why I have trust issues