Random Acts Of Kindness That Restored Faith In Humanity
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  • Abbygail Shattuck
    Abbygail Shattuck

    When you say when you say get your booty out of bed I’m actually in bed getting ready for church and I don’t want to

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    Roger Enebakk

    She is sooooooooooooo gooooooooooood at vidoes

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    Joyce Ogadigboyu

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    Howler Wolf The Furry


  • Click Me Now Or Else You Have Work
    Click Me Now Or Else You Have Work

    @MrWolt ME!!!

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    Deidre Jones

    Oh a that is so cool

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    Why did this make wanna cry-

  • Daniel Sullivan
    Daniel Sullivan

    Respects your elderly

  • Daniel Sullivan
    Daniel Sullivan


  • Daniel Sullivan
    Daniel Sullivan

    Done hate pollution

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  • cat & doughnut gaming
    cat & doughnut gaming

    he he im not supposed to watch your videos

  • Aubrey Murphy
    Aubrey Murphy

    I didn’t wanna cry LILA

  • shachi singh
    shachi singh

    Definitely not crying my eyes are just sweating

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    Gerryme Penamante

    Meeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeee



  • Jenifer Starkey
    Jenifer Starkey

    I watch Sniper Wolf everyday

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    VandD 970

    I love you,r video 😍😍❤

  • Bradley Odell
    Bradley Odell

    The first one is nice caues like ppl are judge by there color.

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    Actually cried-

  • Eden Moore
    Eden Moore

    Watch Alexa and Katie if you are so interested in friend's and family members shaveing tere head for you

  • Random Bloxer’s Friend on roblox
    Random Bloxer’s Friend on roblox

    Ok this made me cry of happiness. The one where the little boys house burned down was so sweet!

  • Dennis O’Brien
    Dennis O’Brien

    1:15 HOLD UP! one of those girls giving him a hug is my cousin’s BFFs

  • Matilda Pinner
    Matilda Pinner

    This made me cry a bit

  • And peggy
    And peggy

    The one with the boy who's house burned down made me smile so big I love seeing people being so kind to each other

  • yuri sanchez
    yuri sanchez


  • Zuri Sanchez
    Zuri Sanchez

    Sssniperwolf can you give me a jacket March

  • Lillean Boudreaux
    Lillean Boudreaux

    I love you

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    irma mendoza


  • Breakingdawnradio

    I cried because the way his classmates just did that is heart warming...😍❤💘

  • The Edits
    The Edits

    3:11 Lol no

  • Anna's second channel
    Anna's second channel


  • Linda Reed
    Linda Reed

    Awww so cute

  • TheEski13

    At yo sup on dhar Mann why are u friends with (phycomantis) ????

  • Thomas Barrett
    Thomas Barrett

    I almost cried when the dog got saved

  • Sararose Lynch
    Sararose Lynch


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    Teresa Keary


  • Cailey Sapphire Mercado
    Cailey Sapphire Mercado

    People are very kind😄😁😊🤗😆😀

  • Rath-er be me
    Rath-er be me

    This is so heart warming

  • Makayla Reeves
    Makayla Reeves

    Please bring back yessica

  • Dollie Doolander
    Dollie Doolander

    Not me but I do watch her sometimes

  • mab alot
    mab alot

    0:45 this is the best imagine many people gathered to help you

  • cookie master
    cookie master

    *me hears her say neckless instead of ring*

  • ꧁pink _shootingstars꧂
    ꧁pink _shootingstars꧂

    She is a adult and she entertains us with out making us smile

  • Joshua Venn
    Joshua Venn

    Why everyone loves sssniperwolf? Give me a reason everyone please

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    Cat Z side


  • Bella Cornelius
    Bella Cornelius

    CALL I meant lol

  • Crystal_Berry

    I love the title because it's true

  • Bella Cornelius
    Bella Cornelius


  • Charlottes Unicorns
    Charlottes Unicorns

    I literally almost stared to cry 😢

  • Sarah Barnett
    Sarah Barnett

    OMG I just realised the guys at the chemist was where my mum worked 😮😯

  • Mya Plays
    Mya Plays

    I have something you could put in you next vid my dad and my fam went on a trip and we tipped 500 because the worker live on the road

  • Taylor Hunter
    Taylor Hunter

    whaen you said this girl was takeing a walk that is a boy

  • Charles Lim
    Charles Lim


  • Marria samly
    Marria samly

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  • Jaimie Ramirez-Villasenor
    Jaimie Ramirez-Villasenor

    7:18 me crying on the were the kids house burned down👁💧👄💧👁

  • C- JED
    C- JED

    I love you’re videos I watch them almost every day

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    Sana Makawi

    I love watching sniper wolf every day

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  • Audreys adventures
    Audreys adventures


  • You will never Know my name
    You will never Know my name

    This is disintegrating my heart right now (in a good way)

  • Tamra Hodgins
    Tamra Hodgins

    Me ✋

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    Ava Campbell

    Sssniperwolf, you are SO PRETTY!

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    Ruby Preece

    Iv been threw alot in the last month 😭😭😭

  • Cathy Li
    Cathy Li

    I like the little boy’s house burn down but when it’s destroyed and he went to school I start crying because it’s so sweet like now it’s so good SSSniperWolf

  • Adriana tarcalau Tarcalau
    Adriana tarcalau Tarcalau

    Me:**Watching this after looking at woah Vicki and lil tay**

    • Eva!!

      Abc Wish

  • Yza Lescano
    Yza Lescano

    all of in that video called in tagalog is bayanihan when people see something or other is in danger they in the philipines one time a person saw the jeepney is in the water all of the people there help

  • lexi lex
    lexi lex

    my cat just died today😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Amanda Royale
    Amanda Royale

    5:59 what is this mr beast sister...

  • Horse fan 2012
    Horse fan 2012


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    The Aniplayer

    Me i watch sssniperwolf everyday she is my fav youtuber

  • Summer the Cat
    Summer the Cat

    This actually make me cry


    Like we gonna talk about that she says dudes to woman

  • Moon_The slytherin
    Moon_The slytherin

    Awww there is Faith in humanity id love to meet them and give them 100 dollers

  • Manuel Layna
    Manuel Layna

    Bro I actually cried and sssniper wolf keep up the great work.

  • Niki Mohseni
    Niki Mohseni

    I haven’t cried since I was seven but this legit made me cry 😭

  • Dinosaurs

    I watch her a lot! ❤️❤️

  • Pathogen-san

    That first one literally had me crying, you can't do this to me, and so early in the day

  • Forever Josie
    Forever Josie


  • Martina Stevenot
    Martina Stevenot

    I paused the vid and she looked EVIL 😈

  • Lance Grabiel J. Capistrano
    Lance Grabiel J. Capistrano

    why did he film then

  • Valeria Hanson
    Valeria Hanson

    The boy who adopted that girl was so nice

  • Wayne's Kiddie World
    Wayne's Kiddie World

    This channel is in the top 5 best in my list

  • Zeeshan Malek
    Zeeshan Malek

    I wish I can give snacks and drinks but if they take and eat or drink they gonna get poisoned so ican’t

  • Mami Gorajek
    Mami Gorajek

    I do of curse

  • Chad Polman
    Chad Polman

    Sniper you are suuuper cute. What accent do you have?

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  • Adam Silesia
    Adam Silesia

    SnapChat is biased against the male body.

  • Adam Silesia
    Adam Silesia

    I have a black cat.

  • Janine and Haven Mundy
    Janine and Haven Mundy

    Watch as a sniper wolf every day me Mimi Mimi Mimi I love her channel

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    Icy Unicorn

    "I just figured out that my b-day is when I was born!" Wait Wha-