Things I Learned On Tik Tok
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  • samuel martinez
    samuel martinez

    The rare learning angiographically hammer because imprisonment intriguingly mug amidst a relieved snowboarding. super, auspicious replace

  • Mark Gillian V. Mandario
    Mark Gillian V. Mandario

    Guy on tiktok:the water you are drinking is too BIG Filipinos:wait my tubig is too big


    Other youtubers : Hello guys welcome back to my LV-home channel. It's ........ SSSniperwolf : Hello friends it's ME 🤣🤣🤣🤣😝😝😝😝🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sean

    Your videos are literally just narrating what’s in the video lmao. Wtff

  • Redeye Rex0000
    Redeye Rex0000

    SSSniperwolf: hello friends! Me: it’s my first time watching I AINT your friend Also SSSniperwolf: Hello friends!

  • Eknoor Dhillon
    Eknoor Dhillon

    “Plane be like eh the tickled” that cracked me up

  • Albar Hamid
    Albar Hamid

    I breathe with my mouth only when both of my nostrils are blocked

  • Khloe Lindert
    Khloe Lindert

    On 0:59 she says Android sending video or picture to Iphone makes the pic look bad but when Iphone sends android video and pictures it looks bad to, for example I have android best friend has Iphone she sends me screen recordings of tiktoks and I can't even read the words. Edit:not trying to be rude in anyway.

  • Kylar Butler
    Kylar Butler

    The one with the zip I did it works

  • KeilanaGamez

    Me: watching the part when your phone is charging Also me: *HOLDING MY PHONE* AND THEN ME: ..............aHhhHhHhhHhHhhHhhHhHhHhHhhHh!

  • Sydney Adamec
    Sydney Adamec

    omg i am your biggest fan

  • Connor ayers
    Connor ayers

    Claim your “within a month” ticket here

  • Felipa Flores
    Felipa Flores

    Why is coke orange

  • William William
    William William


  • Omololu Enikan
    Omololu Enikan

    10:29 I knew that and I am 2 years younger than 10

  • Vrfrf Gnfgnjr
    Vrfrf Gnfgnjr

    Giving me a long time phobia of breathing now

  • The2k Boss
    The2k Boss


  • Keiarie the Queen Wright
    Keiarie the Queen Wright


  • Lupillo Landa
    Lupillo Landa

    I love you sssniperwulf

  • DaPyxel

    I don't think they know u can't tint out ur front windows

  • 《Fantasy Animals》
    《Fantasy Animals》

    Man: "Have you ever wondered why when you drink water ur belly becomes bloated? Its bc its too big" me: *confused* so ur saying it has eaten too many hamburgers&chips its become fat??? Man i so confused right now😂😂😂 but seriously when he said 'big' ALOT of things came into my head😨😅 (can water even eat stuff???) Argh i have so many questions right now! ♡ ur vids SSSniperwolf! Keep up the success!!!😘😍

  • 《Fantasy Animals》
    《Fantasy Animals》

    *watching the mouth breathing one* OH SH- Who else started breathing didferently after this?

  • Dekster Rollo
    Dekster Rollo


  • ripdroson

    French Brimmed cap black blindfold daring beard

  • Muhammad Qawiem
    Muhammad Qawiem

    Electroboom charging and talking that video will explained everything. Too lazy to explains. Also im sorry if you notice some misspelling or something.(still learning english btw)


    Did she really called the ballet Pointe Shoes a Ballerina's SOCK?

  • rainbow cat
    rainbow cat

    I love you

  • Emma Easton
    Emma Easton

    That’s so cool I can’t believe that😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Rath-er be me
    Rath-er be me

    Lol that alligater

  • Xd Gaming
    Xd Gaming

    Lia also my eye is brown

  • phanha Chea
    phanha Chea

    I thought iphone carmera quality is better then android but *android is better*

  • MysticalQwas

    LV-home and tiktok gives me more education than school and these apps are also entertaining school = boring

  • Cartoon Lover
    Cartoon Lover

    I was praying for my teacher to not add any classes today while i was watching this and there was no classes, tysm for saving meh qwq

  • Thade Go
    Thade Go

    6:57 Search how to say water in Filipino, I would prefer google translate

  • Briella Alexa DIMDAM
    Briella Alexa DIMDAM

    I’m a six year old SO GIVE ME THAT MASK

  • Meme Boi 27
    Meme Boi 27

    2:05 new fear unlocked

  • Leslie Knox
    Leslie Knox

    I have blue eyes (ps on my aunts account)

  • General Lee
    General Lee

    Microwave one is cap

  • Tyrece Job
    Tyrece Job

    Henry chicken if for cut

  • ice cream ml
    ice cream ml

    3:35 I'm terrified of airplane now

  • Quelcie Medford
    Quelcie Medford

    Good good

  • sammi the shih tzu
    sammi the shih tzu

    sorry i cant see *poor* OMGGGG ROASTED

  • Emily Shine
    Emily Shine

    Me when I 36 hey friends it’s me Stuck in my mind

  • CashewBiscuitPlayz

    I knew about the dictation thing

  • sg aninmation
    sg aninmation

    0:34 thats where im from georgia 🇬🇪

  • MM Laure
    MM Laure

    um does it work on chrome and samsung

  • Yodracoo

    There was a baby shark in the vidd

  • Marten Raudemetsa
    Marten Raudemetsa

    Ur my fav

  • hxneyy

    Lia:If u want to breathe with your mouth remember this vid! Me having asthma:... Shi-

    • Plage and sugar cube
      Plage and sugar cube


  • Usha Kumari
    Usha Kumari

    😂😂 Omg does anybody notice that she is wearing pin as a earing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Matthew John Grabow
    Matthew John Grabow

    It's HER!!!

  • Hajra Abbas
    Hajra Abbas

    Never gets old

  • football fusion danny Flores
    football fusion danny Flores


  • Sophia Khawaja
    Sophia Khawaja


  • Cedric Jaoko
    Cedric Jaoko

    Why does sssniperwolf wear glasses

  • puppy chan
    puppy chan

    ✨ my computer is always on charge and im touching him everyday O-O Im gOiNg to dIe yOuNg ✨ :3

    • puppy chan
      puppy chan

      @Muhammad Qawiem im still learning english too ;-; XDD don't worry i understand u UWU

    • Muhammad Qawiem
      Muhammad Qawiem

      The charge and talk is complete bullshit. Ofc there is a current running through your body but its not enough to electrocuted you.its the amount that killed you even if you breath so much oxygen it's gonna kill you. Also if you notice some misspelling or anything im sorry...(still learning english btw)

  • FAKE

    ie breath wit my mouth ad my face changes ad the i wile after it gose back to normal

  • Mono Blue bot
    Mono Blue bot

    4:00 vehicles are built to conduct electricity on the outside to keep you safe and away from harm. Not just ajrplanes. Every vehicle is built with metal for a reason. Cars and boats too.

  • Averyostudios gaming
    Averyostudios gaming

    Never put my face into a cake or you get knocked out

  • Gacha life
    Gacha life

    What water your drinking is "TOO BIG " too big in Philippines sounds like tubig tubig means water :I

  • ZaraMittens Playz
    ZaraMittens Playz


  • khan khan
    khan khan

    10:50 are you recoding me

  • Herman Fossdal
    Herman Fossdal

    sssniperwolf deo yu yente rep yer nels op en

  • Shania Kearns
    Shania Kearns

    Only OG’s will remember hey it’s ur fav messy hair LV-homer 🌼🌸🌼🌸🌼🌸

    • Shania Kearns
      Shania Kearns

      Pls go watch Shizi Squad

  • Sami M
    Sami M

    Summer Summe Summ Sum Su S Sc Sch Scho Schoo School

  • Sami M
    Sami M

    Summer👩🏻 Summe👧🏼 Summ🙂 Sum🥰 Su😞 S😩 🥺

    • Müšhrøôm Frøggīëś
      Müšhrøôm Frøggīëś

      @Hennessey Pardo Don’t you dare say it

    • Müšhrøôm Frøggīëś
      Müšhrøôm Frøggīëś

      @Hennessey Pardo no

    • Hennessey Pardo
      Hennessey Pardo

      Look closely at the last 2 lines 👀

    • Ocean Perridge-pohl
      Ocean Perridge-pohl

      @s̑̈ĭ̈m̾p̥ͦl͟y҉ f҈r̆̈0g͜͡g͜͡y̥ͦ AAAH SCHOOL!!!! 😰 (I’m sorry ;-; it was funny in my mind)

    • s̑̈ĭ̈m̾p̥ͦl͟y҉ f҈r̆̈0g͜͡g͜͡y̥ͦ
      s̑̈ĭ̈m̾p̥ͦl͟y҉ f҈r̆̈0g͜͡g͜͡y̥ͦ

      ✌summer✌ ✨umme✨ 😌mm😌 🔪m🔪 💀o💀 🤡oo🤡 ✋hool✋ 💅chool💅 😫school😫

  • Jaxton Burke
    Jaxton Burke

    Alligators actually stand not swim

  • Rocio Moreno
    Rocio Moreno

    Not me breathing thru my mouth this hold video

  • Cheese Peas
    Cheese Peas


  • Cheese Peas
    Cheese Peas


  • Jesus Sanchez
    Jesus Sanchez

    Bro that guy that was licking that thing has the same sheets as mine lol

  • Yannalee Khaleel
    Yannalee Khaleel

    I mean you could break the jawbreaker with a hammer

  • Orlando Ponce
    Orlando Ponce

    How many people know that the apple logo on your phone is a button?

  • Heather Hammon
    Heather Hammon

    I can see but from a side it looks like I'm blind

  • Roblox player
    Roblox player

    Imagine getting a ❤️ from Sssniperwolf

  • Alpha wolf
    Alpha wolf

    Not really

  • Alpha wolf
    Alpha wolf

    Oh that meat looks look 👀 Good with the fat yum

  • Nouf Aloraini
    Nouf Aloraini

    "hello friends its me" it never gets old

  • Grey GarTM
    Grey GarTM

    Ok pretty usefull right? To black out the front windows because why not the backseats have it. Well. The backseats are for privacy the front seats are so that u can make eye contact (which is basically common sense)

  • AquaPlays [AquaSniper VA]
    AquaPlays [AquaSniper VA]

    I tried the microwave hack and was severely disapointed. It did not work. So it's less of a life hack and more of a feature in some microwaves.

  • Barry Hutchens
    Barry Hutchens


  • Technical Deep
    Technical Deep

    The waggish jogging connoly kneel because spike naively paste between a statuesque face. woozy, rhetorical fan

  • Erica Lab arrears
    Erica Lab arrears

    My eyes are blue and people say that they are green

  • Katicorn's Korner
    Katicorn's Korner

    My moms eyes are blue and it worked

  • Rahma Awadeh
    Rahma Awadeh

    Big flex with evian water- lol

  • Yahir Plays.
    Yahir Plays.

    I watch all of this lol

    • Yahir Plays.
      Yahir Plays.

      The tiktok

  • Anna Dudas
    Anna Dudas

    3:02 PIGGY FANS ARE ABO - * gets run over by piggy fans * there they go

  • Mandy Billyeald
    Mandy Billyeald


  • Owen Tomasetti
    Owen Tomasetti

    saltwater crocodile

  • Divine MSasuman
    Divine MSasuman

    If You See This God Loves You And you Are Cool :)

  • Chocolate_Sweetheart

    "if your mouth breathing it can litterally change your face" *me opening my mouth always but i think not breathing* okay im kinda scared mt face is going to change now-

  • Daniel Bailey
    Daniel Bailey


  • angel sea
    angel sea

    Fun fact: too big is the filipino term for water..."TUBIG".

  • I still don't know why
    I still don't know why

    Bro that was like a month ago she said that what

  • kubunny


  • Visudu Nanayakkara
    Visudu Nanayakkara

    I learn ballet and when I was little at the ballet concert I accidently stumbled apon some older dancers a when they were taking off thair shoes and when I saw that thair toes were scrunched, I was like, if I need to do THAT when I'm older I"M not looking forward to waring the "professional" ballet shoes. I diddent tell anyone about this because I was worried everyone knew this exept me and I would look stupid. Only after watching this I realized I was wrong. a few days ago in ballet class I asked my teacher how it was like to wair the real ballet shoes and she said it looked very elegant that it hert a bit but after a lot of practice you will get used to it, but the best part was that you felt so great after wairing them [but by the the look of her face it looked like she rather would have said "surviving with them]

  • the raven
    the raven

    you dont order small water their is something called a kangen water machine by orlando escobar and its better

  • Faisal Alshamsi
    Faisal Alshamsi


  • Faisal Alshamsi
    Faisal Alshamsi

    Hi SSSniperWolf I like your vid

  • Elizabeth Donnelly
    Elizabeth Donnelly

    Hi Lia! Love you vids