Karens Who Got What They Deserved
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  • SSSniperWolf

    which Karen was the worst???

    • Ariana Walker
      Ariana Walker


    • •MoonFløwer•

      All of them

    • Bindy 24
      Bindy 24

      I don’t like all Karen

    • RocketLeague Master
      RocketLeague Master


    • grayjl2000

      The one that got yelled at by her daughter 😂

  • Aramas Smith
    Aramas Smith

    Does Sarah is going to be a devil

  • franky pedia
    franky pedia

    Wait what... You are brown🤔🤔

  • William S
    William S

    When Karens flip the switch to being a victim

  • Tropical lyrics
    Tropical lyrics

    All I heared at 5:10 was sh*t in your vehicle

  • Turner Maddox
    Turner Maddox

    VOTER ID is rasict but not for alcohol???

  • OOMackica 1000
    OOMackica 1000

    Gobby trash in car was the only one that needed to calm down.

  • I.T. Girl
    I.T. Girl

    Wait, which one was the Karen at the drive-thru?

  • Jensen Warren Hermansyah
    Jensen Warren Hermansyah

    Me: **casualy taping a karen** Karen: *Nuh uh i got a video of you to that means im better then you*

  • Daniel Morris
    Daniel Morris

    That girl got a spine, standing up to her Karen mother

  • Farjana Ahmed
    Farjana Ahmed

    I think male Karen's should be called daren's don't you agree?

  • Gregory B
    Gregory B

    The water was actually assault

  • daniel pierre
    daniel pierre

    Why those abject people became “Karen” ? I’m French and recently I saw a lot of “Karen” situations, in a airplane at a bus stop etc, in LV-home videos so I’m wondering :) Why Karen ?

  • Emy Horses
    Emy Horses

    2:15 me having a game called “ id Please “

  • PuffinDaEr6

    K Miss W you is pretty funny and got common sense. Dunno where I got to this vid, I am drunk so errr..... Anyhoo... Have a like 👍

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  • Jenn Alen
    Jenn Alen

    First one...OMG OH MY FUCKING GOSH OMG!!!

  • ReverendXero

    No, its masks that have kept this thing being an issue.

  • Watermelon_redhead

    Sarah: I HATE YOU waitress: oh my goodness I’m quitting😳😳

  • Michael Callahan
    Michael Callahan

    Sarah is a gangster

  • Aka_ Rumii
    Aka_ Rumii

    My mom is a Karen and it’s so hard to go out in public it’s just really embarrassing watching her bully every single living being 😞

  • Aubrey Murphy
    Aubrey Murphy

    Where can I find Sarah I wanna be friends

  • Aryanna Wilson
    Aryanna Wilson

    YO,what if a Karen was watching this,omg that no no no no no no

  • Vik Van Hees
    Vik Van Hees

    Some people don’t realize if you tell to turn the camera off, they are going to record more... so they should rather just walk away...

  • Gabby_PlaysRoblox YT!
    Gabby_PlaysRoblox YT!

    Karen: “Yes I am rich” Me: and u are that b-

  • Shakespeare's Reincarnation
    Shakespeare's Reincarnation

    can i just say that i feel kinda bad for the lady who was insisting that they guy turn the camera off cause she looked like she was on the verge of a panic attack/having a panic attack when she was saying that. i think she was just scared and flustered, and doesn't know how to calm herself down in situations like that. and i think that the camera was probably making it worse for her. i'm not saying that she handled that situation in the best way possible, i just think that maybe she was not trying to be rude and definitely not trying to act crazy

  • Sunny Days
    Sunny Days

    After that public display Sarah is already halfway to growing up to being a Karen

  • Stephanie N
    Stephanie N

    If you cannot control yourself when you don’t take your Cymbalta, then you should not be driving.

  • Stephanie N
    Stephanie N

    “I want you to calm your self down” SCREAMS THE WOMAN IN THE CAR. Who is the one who is not calm? Who is the one leading with threats? This is not how adults are supposed to act.

  • Stephanie N
    Stephanie N

    This little girl is a role model for us all! She’s the hero we need…

    • Stephanie N
      Stephanie N

      And the fact that her mom Keeps saying “I did it for you” and “I just wanted you to enjoy your tacos” over and over just shows how blind she is to her own behavior.

  • Just Angelina.
    Just Angelina.

    my mom is a Karen🙄


    Well all of them

  • Laurie Bingo sqish
    Laurie Bingo sqish

    The final bransell

  • Chloe Stupple
    Chloe Stupple

    you should fill my hair tutorial

  • Blanca Montalvo
    Blanca Montalvo

    POV: sarahs dad is a shane dawson type :D

  • creepy_wolf_girl

    If I was in a hotel trying to get in and there was a Karen stopping me I would just push her over like oof 🤣 lol

  • Royalty R Gayle
    Royalty R Gayle

    What are you trying to say about my parents because I’m black they’re black what are you trying to say about parents that are BLACK?

  • Tess Kinnucane
    Tess Kinnucane

    OK so the convenient store Karen they refused to give her ID wasn’t wearing a mask either so???

  • felixs freckles
    felixs freckles

    okay but i don’t think the second one was a karen- she was just concerned i would be too

  • StaticBolt

    So my theory on how Karen's come to being is that an alien impregnates a human and then the human raises the child and said child will gain the alien instincts at the age of 9/10 years old. Thus making a Karen

  • Eli Reed
    Eli Reed

    The Karen on the hill even if the guy wasn’t filming her the police officer was still filming her with his body camera

  • Magicmoonchild2

    I did something like this to my Karen mother in law 😂😂

  • Loreen Khalafalla
    Loreen Khalafalla

    I hate Karen's

  • Eli Guinea pig
    Eli Guinea pig

    Why do I feel bad??

  • chopaface

    Re. Apartment security protocols.. all residents are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of their neighbours so it is actually encouraged to not open the door to people they do not know.

  • SabaTwi2

    The second one was the least Karen like

  • Leo Jackson
    Leo Jackson

    Sara savage

  • F70W 60D
    F70W 60D

    3:00 that aint karen thats a donna

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    Um why are you speaking like that!?!?

  • F70W 60D
    F70W 60D

    it was the face mask of the kar3n fqce with the pulled down f4ce m4sk for meh

  • Kim Franz
    Kim Franz

    I am done with these comments. Everything that can be said has been said about Sarah

  • Nelson Rodriguez
    Nelson Rodriguez

    Start smashing Karen's and all will 🛑

  • breanntheartist1989

    I just found my partner in crime in Karen Hunting!

  • Nelson Rodriguez
    Nelson Rodriguez

    Poor Sarah

  • Kirito Lin
    Kirito Lin

    I respekt sara 100% protzent

  • Tim McDowell
    Tim McDowell

    If you don’t want to be on camera? Don’t leave your house. You can’t drive one mile without being on camera.

  • Tim McDowell
    Tim McDowell

    Lady who threw the water. Definitely is a Democrat!

  • Tim McDowell
    Tim McDowell

    If you’re sitting on a bus and you can smell the gum from the guy who’s sitting 10 rows ahead of you, then mask isn’t working. Wake up people!!!

  • mike guerrero
    mike guerrero

    If you look at some of these people in these clips, they seem to be the same 'actors'.

  • Tim McDowell
    Tim McDowell

    Great job Sarah!!!

  • mike guerrero
    mike guerrero

    The taco clip has the same person playing both rolls.

  • Mia Jaskson
    Mia Jaskson

    You are amazing

  • Michele Jennings
    Michele Jennings

    The kid is very disrespectful, I don't care what the mom did.. Let a black child try that sht with their mom and see what happens. It's funny how these Karen's can go out and talk to others like crap but can't control their own kids. 🙄 Makes no sense to me. That kid should have gotten this.. 👊

  • Life Messages
    Life Messages

    Man that Sarah girl is so strong . God bless her to do the right thing

  • AwhxChill _
    AwhxChill _


  • Jennifer Driscoll
    Jennifer Driscoll

    Why is her name Karen when she doesn’t even care don’t make no sense.

  • Sambiyo Budhi
    Sambiyo Budhi

    This karen is the worst

  • Jason Tromborg
    Jason Tromborg

    My name is sarah

  • kennkielz

    Subscribed 😊


    7 year old sarah: YEAH BYE SEE YOU LATER SaRaHhHs mom: Wait no SaRaHhHhH don’t- me: yo she’s like 7 where th she gonna go..?

  • Jon Blatz
    Jon Blatz

    Nacho girl is doing the acting,not an actual KAREN..

  • Un român oarecare /An average Romanian
    Un român oarecare /An average Romanian

    Karen: “Don’t film me, that’s illegal!” What about security cameras?!







  • leach bg
    leach bg

    Which is the most wild Monkey or KAREN

  • wheel chair Boi
    wheel chair Boi

    Me when I see a Karen Me: Your brain to small to think and work now go


    Sarah is so determined that she actualy argue her karen mother. !WAY TO GO GIRL SHE DESERVE HATES!

  • G G
    G G

    Ya when all of us when we were all little kids and we didn’t know what a Karen was an we all had the Karen look like I did

  • Leonidas M.
    Leonidas M.

    I think you were wrong about the guy visiting his aunt. If I live in a building I would certainly like to know that people are making sure only tenants are coming in. And if I have family visiting, I will be waiting for them at the entrance. Safety first

  • Mexicanus Prime
    Mexicanus Prime

    9:12 then she's obviously worn 20 masks at a time then, by her logic lol

  • Kl Glenn
    Kl Glenn

    Yeesh..I talked to my mama like that I would be knocked into another galaxy FAR..FAR..awayy

  • Rat Tits
    Rat Tits

    “Yes I’m rich” Looks like she just came out of a dumpster and went to a gas station

  • Rat Tits
    Rat Tits



    00:40 THAT GIRL WAS A LV-home

  • Weeto Luna
    Weeto Luna

    U play war zone?

  • izuku Midoriya
    izuku Midoriya

    1:40 death is a weak word


    Me : whaching this video* Also me : I really wnat to break sombodys bones rn.

  • Kgamester

    Quote of the day: “I DON’T BELIEVE IN THE INTERNET”

  • Richard O'Shea
    Richard O'Shea

    Did you used to work as a callgirl in vegas?

  • 19UME031 Pratima Biswas
    19UME031 Pratima Biswas

    Imagine these karens watching the video😹😹

  • Carol Marques
    Carol Marques

    I would to be friend that Sarah girl.

  • Wizzz Gin
    Wizzz Gin

    this sarah is a living legend lol

  • lillian lozada
    lillian lozada

    Is this rice gum or whatever

  • dave bird
    dave bird

    Throw the water and your day comes to a end.

  • AKS

    In second clip, I don't think that women was Karen as she apologized.

  • emma bryant
    emma bryant

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  • Whatsupyosbros-BS

    Ugh these Karens are on the last nerve

  • Technical Deep
    Technical Deep

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  • Sadan Hussain
    Sadan Hussain


    • Sadan Hussain
      Sadan Hussain


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1,5 milj.